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The scammers have realized that the "I love you - send me money" scam is working anymore, so the last resort to try and get money is the tickets/visa scam. They would never fly to another country to meet a guy they never bet before. The girl loves your time together, you continue to correspond and maybe visit again. The agency is making a fortune from your letters and visits, they want it to continue, but the never had any intention of a future with you.

You pay for everything, taxis, interpreters, gifts, you go back home. Read reports on your agency before you get too deeply involved. They are sly and constantly changing there techniques. If you have specific questions about techniques, features or agencies, just ask me.

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We do not do any background checks of any kind of our users.

Disabled World members should get to know a potential date well before agreeing to meet.

A Russian woman would NEVER ask for money or complain about her financial situation.

Jobs are paying better now and many people have a lot of money. If you get a letter where she complains about her low paid occupation, sick relative or broken computer, be careful. Russian girls are proud and never outright ask for money. Any girl talking about tickets, visas, travel agencies or marriage should be avoided..at least google her name when she does it.

Any girl that says this is either working with the "agency" or doesn't exist and it's someone with photos of pretty girls, sitting in a room, writing letters, and taking your money. You correspond, you talk on the phone, you go and visit.

Today there are no online dating sites that are free of scammers.

It is just not a good idea to send a stranger who you have never met, especially in another country, money period.

Regardless what he/she needs it for, a visa and passport to come and see you, an operation for a loved one, a new computer, internet fees or he/she's in Moscow on their way to see you and there's a hidden fee that they need help paying or else they'll be stranded at the Moscow airport for the rest of their life.

There are legitimate matches out there and in these countries, but you need to be extra-careful and investigate the person you are looking to date.

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