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Go off the record: Messengers like Google Hangouts gives you the option of going off the record.

This course reviews the signs of Internet infidelity, how they develop, and how they differ from offline affairs.

You will also learn specialized counseling techniques to help couples improve communication and repair broken trust after an online affair.

Read 8 reasons why cybersex is better than the real thing.

Fix a time: Pick a time of the day that suits you and your partner.

Be respectful: Even if it is sleazy sex chat, don’t forget your manners and respect the person’s wishes.

If the person is in no mood to carry on the conversation, don’t bully them into chatting with you.

If you don’t want the stuff to show up during searches, go off the record.

Destroy the evidence: Delete photos, chats and any remnants of your sexual escapades.

Clinicians are seeing a growing number of clients addicted to Internet pornography or couples experiencing trouble because of online affairs.

This course shows you specialized techniques in treating these new clinical problems.

It is imperative that you don’t divulge too much about yourself or your family in a chat room. Leave the chat if it isn’t going too well: If it’s that the chat is not going well, feel free to leave it.

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