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13 CO.'S 's the Best, Pures', and most Economical Agent for Acidulating all Saccharine Beverages.

We do not ask for an order, we merely solicit the favour of a trial.

Yoa are at Uliertij to adcerlise this apolojy as you think lit. The STBOi STGEST and CHEAPEST Bottle in the Market!!

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D., Lond., Author of" Food: Its Adulterations and die Methods for their Detection,." EDWY GODWIN CLAYTON, F.

A satisfnctoy y feature is absence of excess of nwlsture, the baking having evidently been conducted with care, The Biscuits p^)sse'ised an agreeab'e flavour; and t My can be pronounced to bew made and of goodqnality We remain, failltfullt/ yours, ARTHUR HILL HA83ALL, M.

*'On the whole, I have no hesitation in fitating that your Aerated Waters are of the highest standard of purity which is practically attuuable." Louis Sibbold, F.

" i took a sample of the water used in your msnufactory, in the preptrit Kw " the A&rated Waters, and found it, as was the case with the completed compounaii entirely fret from lead, copper, or ant/ infuriou$ matter whatever." „ „ „ « , C.

From Edwards, London, or Sanger & Son'S ; through any Wholesale House ; and from the Manufacturers, RANDALL & SON, SOUTHAMPTON, Who will forward Samples by post on application. stamped with name free, and Musk Lozenges (Special), 2 6.

— Medical Lozenges of every kind, including those of the Ph.armacopceia of the Hospital for Diseases of the Throat, London, made with Black or lied Currant. The flesh-producing, heat-giving and bone-forming constituents of Jood are thus all represented in these Biscuits. Dear Sirs.—IIanng submitted the sample o/ DE MIEL'S BISCUITS la Uiv received from you to a careful chemical analysis^ we are enabled to report upon them as follows : — These Bisruitfi have been found to contain considerable proportions of nitrogenou M matter and of carbo-hydrates ; they are also especially rich in sal Lt, which include a larffe amount of combined phosphor ic acid. I have carefully examined the sample of Eucalyptus Oil manufactured by you in Sout Australia, and find it to be perfectly pure and of fine quality, free from any smell or odour other the that of the tree ; very pungent to smell and taste, and superior to any sample which I have previous ; seen. PRt OES FOR EXPORT AND LONDON, INCLUDING RINGS .15/6 ; 7 oz , ie/6; 10 oz, 17/6; 12 oz , 18/-; 14 oz., 19/-; 16 oz., 20/-, per Gross nett. The INTERNATIONAL PATENTS ASSOCIATIOIT, 15 NICHOLAS LANE, LONDON, E.

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