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However, if a peaceful competent adult chooses to have a firearm, no other person has a legitimate right to interfere.

People who initiate force with firearms should be punished.

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As such, individuals cannot legitimately use government to control others; only to protect themselves to the extent they could on their own.

Peaceful agreements between consenting adults are their own business.

Many free people voluntarily choose to assist others.

This is a moral question that free people are at liberty to resolve for themselves.

Freedom Pledge and Statement of Principles – Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm.

All attorneys of the Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm freely and voluntarily support these principles and take the Freedom Pledge.

However, no person has a legal claim to the peacefully acquired property of another person simply because of their need.

In a free society, property rights are strictly respected and protected.

Legitimate governments are instituted to secure our unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

As such, rights do not come from the government; they exist independent of government.

People who do a good job are rewarded economically and those who don’t are punished economically.

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