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In 1950, the Irish factory proved itself as a successful venture and Wade (Ulster) Ltd was incorporated.

Employing over 400 workers at its peak Wade (Ulster) eventually moved to producing porcelain giftware. Wade bought Brand Hall near Norton-in-Hales, Stoke-on-Trent.

The original Wade company manufactured ceramic products for the cotton industry as well as porcelain figures and groups.

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Major Wade hired Jessie Hallen to work for him at the Manchester Pottery initially modelling garden gnomes for Carters seeds then porcelain flowers, animals and lady figures.

In 1930 Jessie Hallen was given her own department at Wades Manchester Pottery.

His father was a potters thrower and later became a manager.

George himself was educated at Nottingham University and eventually became Chairman of George Wade & Son Ltd.

In 1945, at the end of the war industrial ceramics were in great demand.

Wade was prospering and in 1946 the Wade company expanded; buying an old mill in Bann, Portadown, Northern Ireland and began producing electrical insulators.

Young George was only 2 years old when his older sister Daisy, died in 1893 leaving George an only child.

The Wade family eventually moved to Watlands Hall in Porthill, Burslem and George attended Wolstanton Board School and later the Newcastle-under-Lyme High School.

She was a trans woman and had not disclosed that information before having sex with Pemberton.

So in the minds of many cis people, her death was the price she paid for not disclosing her trans status.

But while some were outraged over the horrific nature of the crime, many others were outraged by a different detail in the story.

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