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You want to endure the negative period of emotional stress, investment withdrawal and undoubtedly, bringing drama to other peoples' lives.

I admire your courage to pursue what you want but notice you are framing it as a need.

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See, i used to think she was a good girl and wanted to be with her.

Then she cheated on her husband with me, revealing herself to be a low-character woman, but rationalized it by saying "well she's basically done with him and will leave soon to be with me, so what difference does it make if we get a head start on that". You will get bored, you won't be able to bang other women and most importantly...will be constantly checking on her making sure she doesn't fuck other guys because you know if she did with you, she can do it to you. Real Niggas never die." - cdr Follow the Rustler on Twitter | Telegram: Cattle Rustler Game is the difference between a broke average looking dude in a 2nd tier city turning bad bitch feminists into maids and fucktoys and a well to do lawyer with 50x the dough taking 3 dates to bang broads in philly.

You can view it as that or you can view it as an invitation to man up.

When she is confused, she wants you -the man- to man up and lead her away from this chaos.

If you're going to tell me what an ass i am for doing this, i already know that so you don't need to post. On the one hand, when I withdraw, she seems to be jealous and sad and chases me. There's millions of women you could bang/date, but you're focused on this one, who won't even leave her husband for you. I had a friend who went through the same exact scenario you're going through. Wound up in prison on something unrelated and more of a freak incident. You have oneitis and you think it is excusable because you have oneitis for a married woman. People fall in love when the presence of the other is taken away and they building up a magical reality around their own in order to include that person.

So part of me wants to say "yeah, see ya when you finally sort your deal out...hasta manana". Such a reality is a sum of the past and the good times spent together along with their lack of abundance mentality which clouds their judgment.

You are addicted to her and probably the feeling of superiority over her husband hence you want to continue.

At this point, lets look at her 'shit-test'; I wouldn't really call it such.

The trick is does she want you hard enough to overlook the fact that you believe she is not worth the risk? You need discipline to stay away once the walking away evokes the emotions of losing you and spikes her desire.

(don't be silly, she definitely is not worth the risk- married, potentially over 30, emotional baggage etc.) You just want some spice in your love life, maybe some excitement and a cool story to tell. I have fucked married women, girls with boyfriends and ex girlfriends over again. They want to feel wanted when the facebook likes fade, when their husbands aren't home, when they are having a dry patch. I wish you the best but you already know what to do.

But part of me feels that's a losing strategy...remember, We are already having the best sex of my life, so maybe pulling back jeopardizes that. If I have gotten this correct, you are falling for a married woman and you have already created a future projection in which you two are together.

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