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I have tried restarting Open ERP and rebooting the whole server, but to no avail. Do I have to update the module/addon somehow so that Open ERP updates the translation?

The Open ERP version I'm using is 7.0 and platform Ubuntu Linux 12.10.

I have gotten around the files translation problem by using the builtin 'Technical Translation' -feature which is available in developer/debug mode.

I assume, that Open ERP stores the translations done in debug/developer mode into the database?

See the corresponding bug report here: Import Translation.

In some cases the records imported this way may fail to have 'module' value set correctly (it may be empty), which prevents the translation from working properly.FILES=/opt/openerp/mk_MK/*# Database in which to import the files. LANG=mk_MK for f in $FILES do echo "Processing $f file..." # take action on each file.$f store current file name ./openerp-server -d $DATABASE -l $LANG --i18n-import=$f --i18n-overwrite done I am new to odoo and facing the exact same issue.It helps save time on mundane translation tasks with a lightweight and easy-to-use interface and smart features like pre-translation and machine translation.The license is valid for one user and can be used on up to 3 computers (whether running Windows, mac OS, or Linux), as long as you are the only person using it.Default value for sequence parameter (which you should not have add) is 100.

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