Festival days sim dating game cheats

She is a bit sickly, but she doesn't let her poor health get in her way too much.=Unlock Raine= Buy a lot of roses from Aiden's flower shop, he should at some point give you a shovel.

Festival days sim dating game cheats

After that, go to the woods and click on the ground, you should see an option to plant the roses you've brought. After that you need to go away from that area and then come back, Raine is there now.

Likes: Rose, Project Toaster A young man who also appears to be a "feline persona" like Veon and Fidel.

He can be very forward about how he feels and is also unlockable.

=Unlock Clyde= Overwork yourself (choose the work option when you don't have any HP) at the shop.

It turns out that she can go back to her world only after 30 days, i.e., when the moon's full, just like the previous day. Likes: Glow in the Dark Stars, Toy Horse Terrance's partner in bounty hunting.

He's often hotheaded and jumping into action too early.

Enter "sagara" to maximize your relationship experience with the girls.

With this cheat, you will be able to build relationships with the girls much more quickly.

You get the option of siding with either Terrance or Elias. Likes: Playing Cards, Toy Horse A street magician who strives to be a pure gentleman.

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