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On the other hand, a website that a favicon will give the user the strong visual they need and boost the user’s experience. It is much easier to find a bookmark with an icon next to it than it is to read the text.

There are a few acceptable image formats available for favicons, but the two most popular are ico and png.

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These locations include browers tabs (next to the page title), address bars (next to the URL), bookmarks, and others.

In Word Press, favicons are called “Site Icons” which is a useful description that informs users that this icon will be used to represent your site in various instances.

Note: Placing a in the root directory is still a good idea as a fallback but be careful to use the right method or get some help from a plugin.

A favicon is an image, so designing your own favicon will be no different than designing your own logo. Just remember to design your favicon as a perfect square (ie. If you want a transparent background, save your file as a png (or gif).

An ICO file allows you to store multiple images with different sizes in one file, allowing the browser (desktop and mobile) to choose the size needed from the images available.

The problem with the ico format is that not many people know what it is or how to create one.

The customizer has a Site Icon option that accepts more popular formats like png, gif, and jpeg. Note: It is worth mentioning that some older browsers only support the ico format and nothing else and may be a necessary fallback for old versions of browsers.

So if you are looking to have the best of both worlds (ie.

I can add to the homescreen and it does use the new (correct) favicon for that app icon. Adding to Favourites keeps showing an old icon that isn't referenced anywhere on my page!! Tried everything: deleting website data and history, restarts, unlink from i Cloud, changing icon names, adding version mediastrings, etc.

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