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The rush of heat overtakes my body while he glides his heavy hand along his shaft.

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I’m in a rather naughty mood tonight.”“Are you now, have you been thinking of me today?

”“Oh I have, all day and my panties are wet just seeing you now.”“Mmm, maybe you should show me how much.”Removing my glasses, I start with a little tease.

His cock hasn’t left his hands, the echo of the depth of his breathing indicates to me how much he is enjoying my show.

He slides his extended fingers over his length until it reaches the top where a gathering of pre-cum is forming.

When working late and alone we should all take note of this phone sex story.

The only company I have with me tonight as I work late, yet again, is my reflection from the floor to ceiling windows and the outside night. The yearning in-between my thighs due to absence from my lover has been building all day and I can no longer take it.

Edging the way through my already swollen lips and enter into the opening so ripe for the taking.

I waste no time and show him how excited I am as my fingers slip out, glistening with the excitement stuck on them.

You can talk to strangers online by simply pressing a button.

Another aspect that makes us unique is the speed at which webcams load.

He presents his own cock and strokes it as I do the same.

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