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It's mildly creepy but amazing, and we haven't figured out how they do it.) Production shows are anything but the stale song-and-dance revues you might expect from other cruise lines. Disney owns Marvel, Lucasfilm, Touchstone and Pixar (as well as TV brands ABC and ESPN), so you can catch first-run films onboard, too.The special effects, costumes and choreography are simply spectacular -- Broadway could learn a thing or two -- and there's enough adult humor sprinkled in to keep more mature cruisers interested. Yes, there are subtle touches throughout the ships -- glass-slipper-bedecked chandeliers, hidden Mickey heads, Disney movies playing on the pool deck -- that make it clear you're sailing with The Mouse.Adult activities on a Disney cruise are often seasonal, as well.

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Just go ahead and try not to be happy as you witness excited little boys asking Mickey for his autograph.

By the end of our three days onboard, two grumpy, jaded grownups had remembered what it's like to believe in magic.

In select Animator's Palate restaurants, Crush from "Finding Nemo" interacts directly with passengers via LED screens throughout the venue.

(When we say he interacts, we mean he asks your name -- and remembers it -- and banters back and forth with diners about things like their attire.On our Halloween sailing, a two-deck-tall tree stood in the ship's atrium; on Halloween morning, passengers woke to find that it had "bloomed" with pumpkins overnight as they slept. One night on each sailing, a group of pirates takes over the ship, and Captain Jack Sparrow rappels down the funnel to save the day, kicking off an impressive fireworks display.If you're looking for a bit of interactive fun, each vessel's Midship Detective Agency sends you around the ship to gather clues via animated wall art.Ever wonder what it's like to do a Disney cruise without kids?It's probably all screaming children, overzealous "kidults" in cheesy Mickey apparel, obnoxious characters and overpriced food, right? We recently embarked on a three-night Disney sailing aboard Disney Dream, and while there are no Disney cruises for adults exclusively, we were still pleasantly surprised by what we discovered.However, you won't generally feel like you're walking through a giant Disney advertisement, and certain areas (mostly those for adults only) are refreshingly Disney deficient.

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