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Naturally contact me if you have compatibility problems with the new patches or other suggestions: feedback is very important due to the amount of changes!

simple tool which checks if a Gamespy account (username and password) is valid, works for the accounts created with and for any software and game which uses the Gamespy login, from Gamespy Arcade to Battlefield 2 and so onalmost rewritten for adding endian compatibility (both host machine and file), tons of compatibility for older and newer XWB versions, removing of the XSB support for the lack of compatibility.

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better Makefile compatible with Mac OSX (thanks Misty De Meo), Endian Set CURRENT_ENDIAN, Put Var Chr VAR 0 &VAR Long for storing VAR or MEMORY_FILE address to use with external DLLs, fixed a bug in Find Loc, improved incremental_fread, new compression algorithms and updates, fixed bug with Call DLL and arbitrary offsets, Call DLL imagebase and address features, fixed small bug in RNC compression introduced in 0.8.0, some fixes in ntcompress and lz77wii, now all the lzrw* algorithms don't check the useless 32bit flag field, xmemcompress working on Linux too, -N option for using decimal sequential names like 0instead of 00000000.dat, -e option to ignore compression errors (debug), fixed rare bug with output filenames in append mode, fixed bug with custom lzss_compress EJ parameter, fixed yappy_compress, fixed bug with -9, added tga and uasset in sign_ext.c, improved compatibility with gcc 7, added json formatter in String, fixed an important bug in unicode strings introduced in 0.8.0, fixed NULL pointer in some VAR[i], String X parameter for experimental parsing of XML and JSON strings, Open SSL 1.1 compatibility Break and Continue instructions fixed and available, experimental Label instruction (use Break/Continue to go to that label), embedded C compiler to be used with Call DLL and the tcc calling convention, C compiler available also with the tcc variable type, updated compression algorithms and added few new ones, fixed a bug with gussed names with -d/D and TEMPORARY_FILE, fix for encryption mode of rotate, better handling of the rnc compression, fixed bug in xchdir, bug in utf8_to_utf16_chr, fixed a problem with if statements having more than 2 conditions, the user will be asked only once to confirm the loading of external dll, -P option to set the default codepage, restored compatibility with Win98, correct filenames output for non-ansi names, -T option for not deleting the TEMPORARY_FILE macosx compatibility, fix for reverse Find Loc, fix for Print with -Q, removed tag SCRIPT's MESSAGE when using Print, added _ and .

trim operators in String, new and updated compression algorithms, Sort Array switched from signed to unsigned (more useful), fix for comtype sixpack, lbalzss and SCUMMVM9, coverage statistics showing also the current offset, better handling of If statements with values coming from arrays, -K option, fix for tea_setup in encrypt mode fixed bug in Find Loc introduced in 0.7.5, compatibility for opening paths and filenames containing non-english characters (like chinese/korean/japanese directories of MMORPG), Oodle 2.3.0 (now fully working), some new compression algorithms, hsel encryption, automatic handling of endianess in EDL1 and EDL2 compression, removed backtrace library used during crashes to decrease the size and granting compatibility with Windows 98, fixed bug in check_wildcard for options -f/-F, fix for recognizing MEMORY_FILE set as key of encryption and other commands removed an unused buffer used with PE/ELF parsing, added handling of SHT_NOBITS in ELF parsing, fix for check_wildcard(), a couple of new signatures mainly for LZ4 so basically the database is still the same of 2013 additional argument for Find Loc to specify the ending search offset, fixed a bug in File Xor/Rot/Crypt introduced in 0.7.4, small fix for the optional arguments of Name CRC, small fix for a rare bug in String, improved printf and sscanf operators of String, new compression algorithms, updated Oodle, isaac encryption, Free Library called in Call DLL at the end of the script, -Z option for replacing all the archived files with zeroes in reimport mode, warning about impossibility to reimport files with wildcards, fix for the XSIZE field in the Log/CLog commands, fix comtype wp16, fix for recursive_dir with invalid sub_folders, improvements for set_utf8_to_unicode and set_unicode_to_utf8, realloc with usage of temporary file in case of failure with big buffers, updated algorithms and libraries, improved guessed extensions for some nameless files fix for String 0 operator, Do While working with multiple conditions, Endian works also with variables containing the saved value, Call DLL usercall fix, added various compression algorithms, fix for filexor/filerot with negative offset, fix for overflowing longlong values read/written using quickbms.exe, simple progress visualization for reimporting, fixed reimporting of MEMORY_FILEs fixed the recent issues of quickbms 0.7.2* (back to 0.7.1 method), some new compression algorithms, fixed identification of comtype ppmdi_raw, fix and improvements for the parameters of the *tea encryptions, improvement of ZIP_AES, various parts of code set as static, small improvements of rsa_tomcrypt, String t and T operators to make easier the handling of html/xml now the TEMPORARY_FILE is deleted automatically at the end of the extraction without asking, added the following compression algorithms: PKWARE DCL, IBM TERSE (PACK/SPACK), PKWARE reduce, a configurable LZW engine, ultima6, lz5 and yalz77, 4 additional formats for RSA keys, fix for sortarray with arrays having different elements, SLog supporting offsets till 4Gb - 1, reimport mode for deflatex/zlibx, added ZIP file creation in addition to the ISO one, -Q for really quiet mode, updated some algorithms, increased the number of allowed arguments per line for If and String S, setvbuf to 64Kb (probably useless), fix for Xmemdecompress with lzxnative and lzxtdecode formats, replaced sub_var strdup_replace with manual alloc memcpy, feature to embed scripts inside for distribution in modkits many fixes: stricmp crash on Linux/Win XP, String =, set basename, putarray, recognizing end of file in fgetxx, coverage statistics of memory files, skip existent files choice/option, double request of files overwrite in some cases, some rare compression algorithms not working correctly, mcrypt comma separator, a couple of magics in sign_ext.c.

removed the -l/-s options and renamed -x to -o (offset).

still no news about the optimization of the compression, this is a limit of zlib Proxocket is a dll proxy project for the main Winsock functions which allows to capture any type of packet and data sent/received by a specific software of your choice and optionally modifying its content through a custom dll easy to develop I have started to restyle a bit the whole website with better descriptions (many of them are incredibly old or short) of each stuff here making everything less confusing to navigate and understand...

full-disclosure as usual :) added some new compression algorithms, optimization and customization of the secure allocation functions (they can be disabled using the option -9, needed in some occasions due to some limitations of this feature), fixed a bug that specified an input folder in case of selection of multiple files my website is and has ever been from the 2006 so check your bookmarks because lately aluigi.has continuos problems (temporary up & down from about 2 weeks).

note that it's a backup/mirror website that I switch as primary when needed so using you will catch ever the working website or alternatively mirror.if the main one fails modified to meet the *printf %n out-of-standard in use from Windows Vista, it's a shame that I must modify a perfectly working program for this reason moreover because the tool is linked to and not 8.0 or 9.0...

fixed memory consumption with files without names, fixed unicode conversion with no delimiters, added a math/xmath operator for strings, added new comptypes for handling lzma/lzma2 without header/prop (like those used in 7z files, previously known as msf), added hmac hashing using "hmac algorithm", updated various compression algorithms, added variable5 type, added QUICKBMS_HEXHASHL for low case hash, can specify lzma prop using dictionary, fix for multi dimensional arrays, alignment in read/write process memory this is the dumb file mutation fuzzer I wrote in 2011 for my personal usage and was incredibly useful at that time.

I have decided to release it because I no longer use it, read for additional information and examples improvements for quickbmsver, *log with the xsize value used for reading aligned data (sometimes useful with block ciphers), fix for the xmath command that now works with unsigned numbers, String 'f' operator to filter non alphanumeric chars, improvements for the scexpand compression, added a new crc algorithm, option to use case sensitive variable names, additional work-arounds for gzip in case of invalid fields, encryption hash that performs hashing on the string specified as key if available (very useful), added tons of hashing algorithms thanks to sphlib fixed multiple If, endian guess VAR, handling of some unicode spaces in the scripts, implemented correct disabling of the secure allocation, Math with reverse operations, tons of new decompression algorithms and some new recompressions, hex visualization of the encryption key in verbose mode, some new experimental lzss window initilizations, update of some libraries, more details for the exceptions, more details for the lzma errors new features and improvements, large files support, the remote file is checked before downloading only if it's necessary, option -d for setting the output folder and -L for downloading a sequence of files (with incremental fields), multiple hosts, automatic concatenation of options that support multiple strings (like -c/s/M), optional milliseconds delay for the -l loop option, all the enhancements added in mydownlib automatic guessed extension for the filenames that have a dot or a * at the end, replaced the Scummvm RNC compression with the old one because it didn't work, fixed lzlib compression, updated various libraries, backtrace after crashes, Windows 8.1 fix, fix for Call DLL with a MEMORY_FILE of same name but different content, set VAR ? to allow the user to choose the content of the variable at runtime, If case sensitive if used the 'u' optional parameter, added ZPAQ compression, added more return values in case of lzma errors, usage of variables in encryption random, autostart with -9 if quickbms crashes just when launched, fix for open FDSE in gui mode, added the possibility of specify quoted strings on multiple lines with automatic \r\n added with each line, If statement with strncmp and added additional names for the other checks (like strstr, strcmp and so on), new alternative math/xmath operators, encryption xmath, encryption random (experimental), changed syntax for encryption math, new String operator S for splitting a string in multiple variables, a new compression, updated disasm engine, improved memory read/write function (process.h), fix for debug string visualization, filexor/filerot supporting also textual key, additional choice 0 (zero) for skipping all the existent files at runtime multiple conditions in the If statements, usercall calling convention, Next allows to specify a math operation, new compression algorithms, int3 option working also with compression and encryption, fix for String printf and int3 added some new compression algorithms, -k option to automatically skip existent files, usage of PAGE_GUARD instead of PAGE_NOACCESS to avoid issues with bugged drivers (Xonar and so on), experimental XMath command for multiple simple maths in one line added the Prev command to decrease a variable in a For cycle, comtype dictionary as variable if size specified, String C string with x operator, lot of new compression algorithms mainly from Scummvm, verbose -3 option, exception handler with additional info, \u unicode in C strings fix for offsets in FSB5, automatic fixing of mp3 files (removing of non-standard padding) and dumping of the first 1 or 2 channels for multichannel files to make them playable (use -m option to disable this feature).

for the moment this is an experiment so I will know if it works or not only in the next weeks/months.

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