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The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) has published standards for social work personnel practices and guidelines for clinical supervision.

The American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work has published position papers on clinical supervision.

My supervisor is unwilling to address it and said to me, ‘Mind your own business. That’s all that’s important.’ It drives me crazy that I end up picking up his slack with clients.” • “My supervisor passes work on to me even though I am overwhelmed with my own work.

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In the spirit of parallel process, ethical dilemmas can also facilitate the supervisory process and can actually be a “teachable moment,” a golden opportunity for personal insight and professional growth.

As social workers, we are fortunate to have the to guide our practice.

Ethical dangers in supervision can occur in both the administrative and clinical aspects of practice.

Productivity standards in a managed care environment create ethical compromises for social workers and supervisors when marketing and profit become the principles driving care—one agency gave an employee of the month award based on the number of billable hours.

Yet, there are times when these guidelines and standards differ with agency policy or norm, resulting in an ethical dilemma for the supervisor.

Today’s complex practice settings cause increasing ethical conflicts.Generally, values relate more to what we believe; ethics relate more to how we act.In a therapeutic relationship, ethical concerns can be viewed as an integral part of the helping relationship and can facilitate the therapeutic process.A supervisor can be held liable for “not identifying inappropriate therapy, ignoring inappropriate behavior, or supervising in a negligent or insufficient manner” (NASW Trust, 2000).Some employees perceive the sole job of a supervisor as making employees uncomfortable.If I do them, it’s credit in the bank for me to get favors from her.

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