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This tutorial shows how to validate JSON against Schema in Java.

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It presents a utility class – Validation that implements the validation logic.

This tutorial uses the open source Jackson 2.x libraries and fge/json-schema-validator libraries hosted on Git Hub.

It is the final test before shipping a product to the customers.


Let's now go the manual route and set things up programmatically: annotations and APIs.

An implementation of this the concepts in this article can be found in the Git Hub project.

Give it a try and you will have a hassle-free and more secure application.

Last but not least, do not forget to use SSL when communicating with remote peers since the token will be travelling over the wire on every request.

To parse these expressions, we must add a dependency on both the expression language API and an implementation of that API. Some frameworks – such as Spring – have simple ways of triggering the validation process by just using annotations.

Glass Fish provides the reference implementation:import javax.validation.constraints. This is mainly so that we don't have to interact with the programmatic validation API.

We recently released an open-source library for JWTs in Java.

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