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A list of open source Open ID libraries can be found at the Open ID website.

To use Open ID to verify a user's identity: Once a user's identity has been verified, a secure server can use the ISteam User/Check App Ownership Web API method to check if the user owns a particular App ID, or call ISteam User/Get Publisher App Ownership to retrieve a list of all user owned App IDs that are associated with the provided Web API Publisher Key.

Session Tickets can also be used to verify a user's identity between a game client and a secure, backend server using the Steamworks Web API.

Requires that the secure server can make HTTPS requests to .

When the user wishes to login/link their account to that website, using Open ID, the site directs the user to a login form on the Steam Community website.

Once the user has entered their Steam login credentials, the user's web browser is automatically redirected back to the 3rd party website with some additional Open ID specific data appended to the return URL.

Before using Encrypted Application Tickets, you must generate a private key for each title.

You can do this by navigating to Edit Steamworks Settings for your application and selecting 'SDK Auth' from the 'Security' drop-down.

Third-party accounts can be linked to Steam accounts by associating a user's Steam ID with the 3rd party account.

A user's Steam ID can be securely retrieved either in-game or through a web browser and once the initial association has occurred, you can safely allow access to the 3rd party account by merely verifying a user's Steam ID.

The server can also use Steam Encrypted App Ticket:: BUser Owns App In Ticket to determine if the user owns a specific piece of Downloadable Content (DLC).

Steam is an Open ID Provider, as described in the Open ID 2.0 specification.

Session Tickets are signed tickets that can be used to verify a user's identity between the user's game client and any number of other game clients (such as in a peer-to-peer multiplayer session) or to a listen/dedicated game server (using the ISteam Game Server API).

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