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If you are updating a package, both the version of that package that is currently installed and the version to which you want to update should be available.If the version you want is still listed, then this package is not constrained and you should be able to install it without installing or updating any other packages.

If the version you want is not listed, then this version is available from configured publishers but not installable in this image.

Reasons that a package is not installable can include the following: If you specify a package to install or update and you do not specify the publisher, the first publisher in the publisher search order that provides a package that matches that package FMRI or pattern is used as the installation source.

See Incorporation Packages for information about incorporation packages and constraints.

Incorporations constrain a set of packages to versions that work together to help maintain a supportable image.

Verify that the version of the package you want to install or update is not frozen.

Use the This message indicates that you attempted to install a version of a package that does not match the version to which the package is constrained by an incorporation package.

For this reason, you should not update one package that is constrained by an incorporation.

Instead, you should update the incorporation package, which results in updating all the constrained packages to a new tested-together set of versions.

If that publisher does not provide a version of the package that can be installed in this image, then the installation operation fails, even if another enabled publisher provides a version of the package that can be installed in this image.

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