Epolicy orchestrator global updating

Complete security solution across vendors Mc Afee e PO leverages your security investment by offering the first truly coordinated management and reporting of third-party anti-virus applications, such as Symantec and Dr. This product is available under the Mc Affee Security Perpetual Plus program.This transactional program is available from eleven nodes upward and combines a perpetual licence with one year of Prime Support Priority Plus (24/7).

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Realtime graphical reporting Locating non-compliant systems, tracing an outbreak to its source, or determining effectiveness of security policies is effortless with Mc Afee e PO¿s wide array of over 40 pre-defined reports.

Ranging from one-page executive security summaries to detailed information on virus activity, desktop firewall policy, system vulnerabilities, and spam and content-filtering policies, e PO offers administrators graphical data of the information they need.

Profiling is based on rules, customised by the administrator, or templates downloaded from Network Proactive assessment Now a standard part of the e PO solution, Mc Afee Threat Scan provides administrators with a powerful network-based scanner to proactively search for system vulnerabilities.

Providing visibility into all network devices within a given IP range, Threat Scan identifies potential areas of weakness and vulnerability¿such as unprotected systems, open shares, and vulnerable applications¿allowing administrators to close security holes before malicious code finds them and compromises the system.

Comprehensive policy management and enforcement Designed to enable automatic policy compliance and management across complex enterprise networks, e PO gives administrators complete control over every aspect of security policies.

Policies covering each layer of malicious threat protection¿including updating frequency, personal firewall settings, vulnerability scans, file types to be scanned, even anti-spam and detailed content filtering¿can be set per machine or per group and are entirely customisable by the administrator.Updates include Mc Afee Security DATs, engines, service packs, extra DATs, hot fixes, or patches, all of which can be deployed manually or automatically.Express Global Updating reaches never-before-seen speeds of up to 50,000 systems in less than an hour by utilising Super Agents to distribute the load of communication and updating out to the global network.Enterprise updating Mc Afee e PO¿s powerful updating technology gives administrators the visibility and flexibility they need to maintain complex enterprise systems.Set on automatic, e PO can deliver updates across your entire network with the click of a button, while manual mode gives administrators maximum control.Hey all, I have been helping out with a Mc Afee Epo server for over a year now...

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