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Check out who in Hollywood tied the knot within six months, who's still going strong, and who ended up having to call it quits.

, Kardashian and Odom started dating within just two days of meeting, and, on Sept.

When my mother-in-law came to the house for the first time, before even hello or nice to meet you, all I got was ”She too young!

27, 2009, they got married in Los Angeles — one month to the day after their first meeting.

Surprise, surprise: The whole thing was captured for .

Bonaduce told the magazine, "The wedding planner from the hotel called to speak with Amy and told me I was getting married! " At the time of this article, the pair are still going strong.

Star of the "Blurred Lines" video and model Emily Ratajkowski seriously surprised her Instagram followers in February 2018 when she announced that she'd married boyfriend Sebastian Bear-Mc Clard, whom, according to , Ratajkowski explained that the proposal itself had been pretty spontaneous, saying, "He proposed to me at [New York City restaurant] Minetta Tavern and he didn't have a ring so I was like, 'mmm, nah' …

However, their pre-marriage relationship started just three months before the pair decided to make it official in Cabo San Lucas in July 2014.

They told reported, Rivera was arrested and charged with domestic battery against Dorsey over Thanksgiving weekend in 2017. Rivera re-filed for divorce in December 2017, and, according to In the wake of "Brangelina" divorce coverage, it's easy to forget that, prior to her marriage to Brad Pitt, actress Angelina Jolie was involved in another high-profile relationship that caused a major scandal.

, "Most married couples have very long relationships before walking down the aisle — 4.9 years on average, to be exact." For the following famous couples, 4.9 years could be damned.

These celebs decided that 180 days (or less) was more than enough time to realize they'd found "the one." What followed after those initial lovey dovey feelings and quick unions, however, wasn't always happily ever after.

Since hooking up, the lovebirds have adopted several animals together. Reed announced the adoption on Instagram, writing, "Went to the animal shelter today to give some love to the babies living in cages and don't have homes and ended up adopting the little girl! "They also recently started their own production company together.

Two months later, the duo adopted a precious kitten.

star Naya Rivera was hot off the heels of a high-profile engagement (to rapper Big Sean) when she shocked everyone by suddenly getting married.

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