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He is credited with building the first church in town, called the African Meeting House, in 1796.

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The vast majority of Highland Scots, recent immigrants, remained loyal to the British government and rallied to the call to arms from the Royal Governor.

Despite this, they were eventually defeated by a larger Revolutionary force at the Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge.

Suburban areas of metro Fayetteville include Fort Bragg, Hope Mills, Spring Lake, Raeford, Pope Field, Rockfish, Stedman, and Eastover.

Fayetteville's mayor is Mitch Colvin, who is serving his first term.

The area also included a number of active Revolutionaries.

In late June 1775, residents drew up the "Liberty Point Resolves," which preceded the Declaration of Independence by a little more than a year.

Fayetteville had what is sometimes called its "golden decade" during the 1780s.

It was the site in 1789 for the state convention that ratified the U. Constitution, and for the General Assembly session that chartered the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Fayetteville had 3,500 residents in 1820, but Cumberland County's population still ranked as the second-most urban in the state behind New Hanover County (Wilmington).

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