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It is a bit natural for the users to say a few white lies.

The people who do this, however, sabotage their act because the women can obviously get to know the truth after one online date.

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These were the days before high-speed Internet, Match.com, e Harmony, and mobile dating apps such as Tinder.

In the book, you’ll follow my journey as I skillfully navigate the web, hoping to replace who I thought was the “love of my life” with a new Internet mate.

And it contains a brand new chapter called “Secrets of Irresistible Self-Confidence". " I've loaded the dating book Love in 90 Days with even more powerful dating tips & relationship advice.

to open your heart in spite of past disappointments, to set up a lifetime of love ... Through the paperback version of my revised and expanded bestselling new dating book, Love in 90 Days!

As a hopeful romantic, I decided to share my online dating stories with the world.

As a pioneer in the Internet industry, I became the first on my block to post an online dating profile.

The best protection is never to reveal personal information to these people especially your full name and address.

It is also mandatory to block and report the users of and other online dating websites when they act suspiciously.

• Women lie about age, weight, and build Knowing that men would want a girl that would be more attractive, some of the female users of and other online dating websites tend to lie about their body proportions and age.

Of course, the men would want to have a date with a young lady with good body proportions.

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