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Are you only marrying this person because he happens to be Druze?

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(Riya Khold) Her childhood was split between the two countries.

She came to Canada annually to visit her grandmother until she moved back to Brampton permanently at the age of 19.

As Khold enters her 20s, the age at which many Druze women marry, she finds herself coming face to face with the realities of her culture.

The expectation to preserve her heritage and to do so with another Druze person weigh heavily on her.

Riya Khold, 21, talks about what it's like to try to find a match in such a small dating pool.

Riya Khold, 21, of Toronto, is Druze and is learning how difficult it can be to find the right partner in a shrinking ethnic and religious community committed to marrying within their faith. She had never met him before, but after a few friendly exchanges, the two struck up an effortless conversation. As each week passed, they resumed their conversations. It was a chance to talk about topics she wouldn't normally talk to her family and tight-knit community about — things like marijuana and going out.In the hotel’s hospitality suite, catered Middle Eastern meals were served.Children did arts and crafts, older women drank Lebanese-style tea, and birthdays were celebrated.In Beit Jaan, she had a childhood similar to those of other Druze children, including frequent family reunions and shared family meals. She grew up on Disney movies and Nutella, and her father was open to the idea of his children marrying outside the faith."I grew up around religious people, but it wasn't forceful," said Khold. what you should do, what you shouldn't do, and we just didn't question it.There were religious sessions for teens and adults. Nearly everyone attended a gala-style party on the last evening.

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