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Sometimes the best strategy is to not unify sites at all.In this case, any similarity between different sites is largely coincidental.This is the only strategy that allows that to happen, since different major-versions of Drupal cannot cohabitate in the same code base.

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It may also have implications for SEO (due to duplicate content), editing rights (which cannot be enforced cross-site), keeping content changes in sync, and so forth.

In this approach, each site could live on a separate domain but could also be installed in a subdirectory on a single domain.

That can provide a lot of flexibility, while still allowing the organization to standardize on a single in-house technology platform.

As a slight variation of separate installs, it's possible to run multiple installs with the Features module.

Perhaps the key point to consider when planning a large-scale Drupal rollout is that multiple semi-independent sites does not necessarily imply multiple Drupal installs.

In fact, it may not even mean multiple sites at all.

This capability has existed for many years, but is not always well understood.

And in true Drupal fashion, modern Drupal has several different options available for users looking to run a series of Drupal sites together, each with its own trade-offs.

The caveat is that not everything is "featurizable".

Most notably, block configuration does not handle Features well at all.

For those not yet familiar with it (and you should be), Features is essentially an automation tool for those pieces of configuration that Drupal allows to be mirrored to code so that they may be checked into version control.

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