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If you are interested in joining our Approved Reseller programme, contact us by emailing [email protected] We have put the Raspberry Pi models through extensive compliance testing, for Europe, the USA, and other countries around the world. This is a very common question, and the answer is yes!

Once you have bought a Raspberry Pi, it's yours to do with as you wish. Raspberry Pis have been used successfully in industrial environments, but the final decision must be in the hands of the end user as to whether the device is suitable for the task at hand.

You can use it to learn coding and to build electronics projects, and for many of the things that your desktop PC does, like spreadsheets, word processing, browsing the internet, and playing games. The Raspberry Pi is being used by adults and children all over the world to learn programming and digital making.

You can also purchase pre-loaded SD cards; we recommend buying these from us or our licensed distributors rather than from third parties, as our software is updated regularly and cards sold by third parties can quickly become outdated.

An official case for the Raspberry Pi is available separately from our distributors.

The Model B is the final revision of the original Raspberry Pi.

It has 512MB RAM, four USB ports, 40 GPIO pins, and an Ethernet port.

Raspberry Pi is the third best-selling computer brand in the world.

The Raspberry Pi is a credit card–sized computer that plugs into your TV or display, and a keyboard and mouse.

In February 2015, it was superseded by the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, the second generation of the Raspberry Pi.

The Raspberry Pi 2 shares many specs with the Raspberry Pi 1 B , and originally used a 900MHz quad-core Arm Cortex-A7 CPU and has 1GB RAM.

The Model A/A has one USB port, the Model B has two ports, and the Model B , Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, and Raspberry Pi 3 Model B have four ports. Additional USB devices such as mice, keyboards, network adapters, and external storage can be connected via a USB hub.

The Raspberry Pi Zero and Raspberry Pi Zero W have a single micro USB port, this requires a USB OTG cable to connect devices such as keyboards or hubs.

This video will introduce you to the USB module on TI's state of art TM4C123x family of microcontrollers.

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