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A few grants of arms, letters, etc., relating to the pedigrees have been inserted. Philpot Som'set Herald intituled A Catalogue of Kuights made by King James the first & printed for Humphrey Mosley in the year 1600, the first A book intituled a Catalogue of nobility Baronets & Knights printed by John Dawson for Thomas Walkley in the year 1642, the 2'' Edetion whereof was from the first year of King Charles the first to his death printed for the same person in the year 1652 & said to have been collected by S" Richard S' George K' Clarencienx King of Arms then or about that time as M"' Anthony Awood saith in his Athens Oxonienses ; the Catalogue I have transcribed from the entrys thereof in the Heralds office London which are transmitted to them when their fees are paid to the leceivor so that those gentlemen wno paid no Knighthood fees must not expect to have any notice taken of the times of their ^ LE NEVE S KNIGHTS. to Marmaduke Rudson, bro of S-- Walter Rudston bar'.

Morton will be found in tbe ' Yorkshire Archseological Journal,' vol. 8vo, 1708); Wright's ' Rutlandshii-e ;' Ashmole's ' Order of the Garter ;' Knight's ' Life of Dean * ' History of the College of Arms,' pp. t Le Neve directed by his will that no other monument than a plain marble stone should be set up in the church wall on the inside, opposite his grave,— a request it must be said with regret which appears never to have been complied with, and all that remains to commemorate him beyond the entrj' of his burial in the parish register is the following quaint but not compli- mentary verse ^i Titten after it : — " An Epitaph on Peter Neve, Norroy Who lived and Dyed an Infidell. in the College of Arms naturally supply the most valuable series of references in the book,— every page teems with notes referring to the various Heralds' Visitations in the College. so well known, not only to the Officers of Arms them- selves, but to every genealogist whose literary tastes have led him to consult them, render it quite unnecessary for me to enumerate them here.

Here under ueath this spacious Stou 3 Lies Peter Neve, that faithless one His Life and Death Declar'd the man, Deny it Neighbours if ye can." PREFACE. Besides these, the Great Register of Nobility, the books of Funeral Certificates, the Partition book, Vincent's collections, the book of Benefactors, Walker's Grants, Le Neve's Baronets, Arms of Knights of the Bath (M 7), Sheldon's books, Dr.

The sale catalogue describes them as " more than a Thousand Manuscripts of Abstracts of Records, etc.. Cole's Collections out of the Court of Wards is Lansd. Having made these remarks on the materials from which the followuig pages were compiled, I ought to mention one or two things relating to the manuscript itself and the plan I have pursued in editing it.

Heraldry and other Sciences, several of which are very antient, and written on Vellum. The first obser- vation in the book seems to contain much truth, — " Rem nullam jteragit Le Nevius incipit omuem." His collections, indeed, appear to have extended to VUl PKEFACE.

" No fee to be got " is generally written against naval men, who, as we learn from this memorandum on page 477, claimed to be exempt :* — " Md. Fii ANCES d"" of S'' Timothy fetiierston Hagii of Kirk Oswald, uaar.

When the person who is a comander of a ship is Kted on board of his own ship or any other, then they have formerly claimed the privilege of being exempt from paying fees because not on land, but when Kted on land the' a seaman ouyht to pay fees if they can be gott." These are perhaps the men described by Churchill as " Doughty knights whom titles please, But not the payment of the fees." Among the descents given in the following pages, many names will be found of men whose actions render them remarkable in the annals of England.

I much regret that I am unable to trace these MSS., if still existing, to their present place of deposit.

After the death of Le Neve they were, together with the rest of his library, sold by auction on the 22nd of February and following days, 17f^, at the Bedford Coffee House in Covent Garden. Other manuscripts, once the property of Le Neve, are in the British Museum, but I have not as yet been able to identify them as amongst those referred to in this book.

The next, that "Heraldry [is] a study which only loads the memory without improving the understanding," appears to have been a favourite maxim of Le Neve. From the preface, or rather the commencement of that which was intended for it, it seems that these pedigrees of knights were originally written for publication, though of course in a more finished form than they appear here, — this manuscript being little more than a collection of rough notes made from time to time. It must be borne in mind that after the pedigrees were first entered Le Neve made constant notes and additions to them, hence the same date will be sometimes found repeated. It would have much added to the expense to follow this arrangement in the printed copy ; they have therefore in many instances been incorporated with the text, but always without the least alteration in the wording. DURING ALL HIS REIGN, THOSE OF KING JAMES THE II., KING WILLIAM AND QUEEN MARY, WITH THEIR PEDIGREES, COLLECTED BY PETER LE NEVE ROUGE CROIX PURSUEV, 7 AUG: 169G. PREFACE TO KNIGHTS- To THE Reader It being the vsuall custom to fix a preface to each book which comes forth into print and this following Catalogue (if that custom had not been) wanting sometliing to be said to extenuate the imperfections thereof, there is an absolute nescesity of entertaining you with something p'liminary to it.

The first thirty-eight pages are occupied by pedigrees of Knights of the Bath, the rest of the book with pedigrees of Knight Batchelors. 312 the pedigree of Hungerford, to which this reference points. Lastly, I have endeavoured to produce not only a verbatim, but as far as possible a literatim copy of the Manuscript, and though mistakes will creep into every book, I hope that in this they are few and far between. I am very conscious gi-eat faults wilbe found with it most of which were not in my power to help as at the time when I begin this catalogue it is from the first year of the reign of King Charles the 2* the time when the catalogues which have been already printed end, the 2'* whereof which I have lightt of as yet was that put out by Jo. P' to S' Tlio Herbert of Tinterne bart., 2 18 July 1671.

Lords Somers and Macclesfield, John Milton, William Penn, Sir Christopher Wren, Sir Thomas Browne, Sir- William Dugdale, Sir Peter Lely, Sir Godfrey Kneller, Sir Isaac Newton, Archbishop Cranmer, Sir Walter Raleigh, Sir Robert Harley, Sir Matthew Hale, are only a few culled at random from the illustrious names mentioned. IX following pages one cannot help observing that the most eminent men were generally those who descended from ancient families, still this consideration should not lead us to overlook the one peculiar characteristic of this book, viz. is full of cross references, and T li-^"- rendered these available by placing a note of the commenceme folio of the MS.

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