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There are plenty of ways to speed up your landing page.First, you can scale your images accordingly so they are quicker to load.

Finally, the difference between a good first impression and a great one boils down to subtler aspects. ”“I like the usage of the ‘yes cascade’ in the first section beneath the hero unit. Instead of instigating a sense of uncertainty with ‘Dream of starting your own business, but not sure how to make that happen,’ ask ‘Ready to take charge of your career by starting a business of your own?

'”“The question of taking charge makes sense as a motivator for those struggling with their career direction.“Bonus comment – there is a clear narrative that ‘we’ can help ‘you’ start your own business.

If possible, enable CSS and HTML file compression to reduce the size down from 50 to 70 percent.

Do you have flash content or other similar plugins?

Enjoy.“The main headline copy is short and persuasive with the sub-head doing the heavy lifting (at the risk of sounding clickbaity).

The color and font of the CTA feels right and there aren’t too many CTAs to distract the visitor.With just over 9 years experience in search marketing, he has been trusted to deliver campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world. The landing page is probably one of the most important pages on your website. There are so many elements to get right: the copy, the design, the images, the structure, and so on. The good news is — you don’t have to design landing pages from scratch.Take a quick look at your landing page and see how many objects are needed for a complete page load. Having loads of design elements may dazzle the user, but chances are that they won’t wait for it to all load up.Instead of loading it up with gorgeous design, why not opt for speed?For this reason, it’s incredibly important to optimize your landing page for mobile-friendly viewing. It was projected that this number would increase to a whopping 162 million by 2019.

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