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However, automobile tires should be replaced every six years.

The majority of people who take the gamble of keeping outdated tires do so to save money.

Having the right tires, properly inflated, is one of the most important things on your motorcycle to keep you safe. It’s important to understand what each mark or number means on a tire, but you should also consult with your owner’s manual before purchasing new tires.

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An uninformed consumer thinks he or she purchased brand new tires when in reality those tires may have been sitting on the shelf for years.

Even though the tires were never used on a vehicle, they are still several years old.

This partial code, boxed in yellow in Figure 1, is the most important piece of information about a tire.

These last four digits of the DOT code represent the manufacture date of the tire.

Expiration dates for tires manufactured before 2000 were based on a 10-year scale because the expected life-span of a tire was 10 years.

Current guidance suggests that tires should be expected to last a maximum of only six years. A tire manufactured-date code, shown in the yellow box, may appear on the outside of some tires.

This measurement is inches rather than millimeters.

The MC designates that this is a motorcycle tire, and the 67H is the load and speed index.

To wait any longer than that is a gamble with tire integrity and is risky for drivers.

So what can you, as a driver, do to protect yourself?

A lot of numbers and markings are on the sidewalls of motorcycle tires.

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