Door county wisconsin dating

Probably the most well-known feature of Door County is its landscape dotted with family-owned and operated cherry orchards.The sight of so many Door County cherries signals the immense popularity of this delicious crop, and with good reason.

For years, Cherryland's Best has used the finest Montmorency cherries from these orchards to create our dried fruit treats.

Supporting these local farmers of Wisconsin cherries has helped sustain this very special crop.

One of the first hotels in Ephraim, opened around 1900 as the area transitioned from lumber and fishing to tourism.

Started by Norwegian immigrant Martin Oleson and his family.

They are the 212-foot steamer Empire State built in 1862, the 134-foot centerboard schooner Oak Leaf, and the 168-foot schooner-barge Ida Corning.

Wreck of a 170-foot wooden vessel next to remains of a crib-and-stone pier in Little Sturgeon Bay, lost under murky circumstances around 1898.Since 1994, Cherryland's Best has been producing tasty and healthy dried tart cherries, tart cherry products and cherry juices, exclusively from one of the Midwest's most beloved vacation spots-Door County, Wisconsin.Door County, located in Northeast Wisconsin, has become well known for its unique shops and quaint towns such as Egg Harbor, Ephraim and Fish Creek.The Hanover was a 109-foot 2-masted schooner constructed in New York in 1853.It hauled bulk cargo (primarily grain) up and down the Great Lakes until 1863, when a gale drove it aground off the Strawberry Islands, where it was stripped and abandoned.It is believed to be a once-fast steamship reduced after burning to a barge for hauling limestone. Claflin Point.132-foot two-masted schooner built in 1867 in Manitowoc by Henry Burger.

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