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Choosing your friends Once you date a bossy woman you can expect to start losing your friends fast. Fact is you have no time for friends as all your time and effort must revolve around her. The good news is the answer will be a simple yes or no. Eventually though this will not be a problem as you will learn that you have no right to ask for anything and that everything in your life will be managed and controlled by your girlfriend or wife.

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For the wife it may take her many months or years to train her husband to be a slave.

The training may involve many things the main one of which is getting the husband in the correct slave mindset.

For many dominant women they prefer it is the man that asks to be allowed to serve as a slave.

These women love to watch their husband beg to be a slave.

Cell Phone Tracking It wont be long after you get your new bossy girlfriend that she will install tracking software in your cell phone.

This way she will know exactly where you are at any given moment.

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In fact more men in ever increasing numbers are turning to bossy women so they may have a happy and real relationship.

Being a slave husband is for many a higher sign of dedication then being a submissive.

Serving and obeying as a true slave husband for many men is the best experience in a wife led marriage.

For many the question is what drives these men to seek such a marriage.

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