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It has tested thousands of young people from all over the world for several “Jewish” genetic diseases since a rabbi who had children with Tay-Sachs disease started the program in 1983.Testing is anonymous, using numerical identifiers, and carriers are not told what they carry – just whom to avoid having children with, if they so choose. Two copies of the R577X variant indicate inborn skill at endurance events, and no copies suggest a child stick to sprints. Never mind that a child has some 20,000 or so other genes affecting physiology.

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Two years ago I’m embarrassed to admit that I bought “age-defying with DNA advantage cream makeup” because I couldn’t resist the goop in the see-through container swirled into a double helix shape.

I’d thought I’d read that FTC had made these genetics references in cosmetics ads disappear, but they forgot to tell Google.

Wikipedia credits it with starting the field of genetic matchmaking.

Why humans have pheromones, when so many other animal species do?

Like the HLA genes, its variants are associated with several health conditions: sudden infant death syndrome, Alzheimer aggression, depression following emotional trauma, alcoholism, neuroticism, deviant sexual behavior, hypertension and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The SLC6A4 protein recycles the neurotransmitter serotonin to the reuptake stations on presynaptic neurons in the brain.

They are falling into the trap of genetic determinism, the idea that DNA is destiny.

“We knew the test would show a great match because we knew we had chemistry when we met.

Adding “DNA” to skin cream ads doesn’t really hurt anyone. My favorite study exposing misuse of genetic testing is from the U. Government Accountability Office, like the sports gene flurry also from 2008, when direct-to-consumer genetic-testing debuted.

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