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As the recent IPO for Tinder parent Match Group shows, digital matchmaking is big business, but for every Tinder, Grindr or Match.com, there are hundreds if not thousands of niche dating sites catering to the most specific and peculiar areas of interest.

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The creator of PB&J, a Toronto-based app that helps people find a date or a friend based on food preferences, said he was on traditional apps including Bumble and Tinder, but realized “what can you make of a person with just a profile photo?

”Food, Vikram Bhatia thought, would be a much better way to drive connections.“Food gets people excited and it’s a common thing to talk about,” he said.

Well, maybe it’s time to start by searching for someone who shares your love of all things Disney to find your own happily ever after.

Mouse Mingle is a dating site that caters to fans of Disney, helping Mickeys find their Minnies.

However, a shared interest in a Disney character or Drake is usually too narrow to be meaningful to a relationship’s success because pop culture phenomena can be “fleeting” and people can grow out of interests, he said.

The value placed on religion, views on children, career plans and interest in moving are stronger predictors of a relationship’s success, Desmarais found.“It’s not whether you like country music or hip hop,” he said.

It's also a place for single Star Wars and Marvel Comics enthusiasts to get acquainted with one another."When you get groups of diehard fans together, it's always a great time," says Dave Tavres, a former Disneyland tour guide who founded Mouse Mingle in December 2015.

"Then throw in the idea that you might meet someone who's just as into lightsabers or arc reactors as you are ...

Many can be “funny momentarily,” but the appeal doesn’t always last, said Tebb, who admits to letting her Fitness Singles account languish.“Some people dive into the niche dating sites because it is a community, but they are not always being active,” she said.“Sometimes these sites don’t have a big enough database of people in them because they are so targeted, so you can go through everybody or not find anyone you think is good looking or tall enough or that lives in your area.”It’s an issue Vos has had with Mouse Mingle, which she said has a limited reach in Canada.

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