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Interindividual variation in RMR, after adjustment for body size, is of intense research interest with respect to human energy requirements (2).

A consistent observation has been that RMR is lower in African American (AA) women than in white women of comparable weight, height, age, and fat-free mass (FFM; 3–7).

Design: Hypothesis 1 was tested by comparing SM, bone, adipose tissue, and high-metabolic-rate residual mass across 22 pairs of matched AA and white women.

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Hypothesis 2 was evaluated by measuring SM, bone, fat, and residual mass in 521 AA and white women with the use of dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry alone.

Results: Hypothesis 1: AA women had greater SM ( Of the energy that humans and other mammals expend over time, the largest fraction is resting metabolic rate (RMR; 1), which is reflective of the collective ongoing biological processes involved in cellular and tissue maintenance and repair (2).

The subject's body weight was measured to the nearest 0.01 kg using a digital scale (Weight-Tronix; Scale Electronics Development, New York).

Standing barefoot height was measured to the nearest 0.1 cm with a wall-mounted Holtain stadiometer (Holtain Limited, Crosswell, United Kingdom).

An earlier study supported the use of a similar four-component model using DXA alone as a practical alternative to MRI estimates in exploring body composition–RMR relations (11).

The St Luke's—Roosevelt Hospital Institutional Review Board approved both studies, and all subjects gave written informed consent before their participation.

We also examined the relations between RMR estimates and FFM in the matched women and, for consistency, we calculated FFM from MRI estimates, rather than DXA, as the sum of SM, bone, residual, and fat-free adipose tissue mass.

We assumed that fat-free adipose tissue mass is 15% of adipose tissue mass (9, 11).

The hypothesis was tested by examining SM in the women as a function of a race × weight interaction after control for weight, height, and age with the use of multiple regression analysis.

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