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Romola went on to film Daniel Deronda (2002), I Capture the Castle (2003), Nicholas Nickleby (2002), Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (2004) and Edevuse laat (2004) with Reese Witherspoon. A casting agent, scouting at her school for young girls, chose her for her first acting role in The Last of the Blonde Bombshells (2000).

Not to mention her role in the West End play by Michael Hastings, Calico as Lucia Joyce for which she was nominated Outstanding Newcomer by the Evening Standard Theatre Awards. Was Joe Wright's first choice for the role of Elizabeth Bennett in Uhkus ja eelarvamus (2005) before Keira Knightley auditioned.

I've just started watching Hitchcock films and I recently saw Michael Moore's Relvastatud Ameerika (2002), which was a revelation for me.

Born in Hong Kong to father Adrian (banker) and mother Janet (journalist), Romola Garai's unusual name is the female version of Romolo, an Italian name for boys (from Latin Romulus, the founder of Rome).

She grew up in Singapore and Hong Kong until she was eight when her family returned to lay roots in Wiltshire.

Was officially in the BAFTA long list (equivalent to the semi-finals) for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, for her role in Lepitus (2007), which consisted of 15 finalists for each category (except Animated Film).

However, she was eliminated in the next round, during which the five official nominees were selected [2008].

An actress like that wouldn't worry about whether or not the political ideas were being sensitively or subtly dealt with. [on the premiere of Edevuse laat (2004)] I [showed] my boobs and teeth. About 40 per cent of success as an actor is now based on whether you're good at being interviewed and how you conduct yourself. [on her dating habits] I date nothing but older men. Because if you're not running to catch a bus or running to buy me a bunch of flowers, I don't care.

They'd do the job, smile and look pretty on the cover of Teen Vogue. I've reached a stage in my life where I've started to worry whether it's a fetish or not. I suppose that the only real effect of ageing is deep cynicism - that, and you are maybe a little more comfortable with yourself. [on her co-star Charlie Hunnam while filming Nicholas Nickleby (2002)] He is a beautiful looking man but you are soon sitting down between scenes, having a cigarette, comparing blisters and talking about your agent.

But Joe being a huge admirer of Romola's talent then offered her the role of Briony Tallis in Lepitus (2007) as he really wanted to work with her.

Frequently appears dancing in scenes from her films, including Angel (2007), Daniel Deronda (2002) (TV), Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (2004), I Capture the Castle (2003), Inside I'm Dancing (2004) and Edevuse laat (2004).

Sometimes, I get it right in terms of the fact that people like it, and sometimes, I get it wrong in terms of the fact that people don't like it, but I always try and do jobs which I think will be interesting to me and will help me improve as an actor.

[on playing Briony Tallis in Lepitus (2007)] There has to be a real ambiguity about which way her life is going to go.

It's a genuine crossroads at the point that I play it.

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