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In There's a Spouse in My House Peter Scott, author of Well Groomed: A Wedding Planner for What's-His-Name (And His Bride), shows us how to achieve and maintain marital bliss—well, if not bliss, at least some semblance of harmony.(If he writes a sequel, may we suggest the title There's a Crib in My Crib?Here Karlin invites some of today's greatest comedic minds, or dare we say hearts, to pontificate about heartbreak.

Oren intends this guide to be both entertaining and informative.

If anyone knows about effective marketing, which she surmises is just what the dating game is all about, it is Oren.

) Chapter topics range from cohabitation to the challenge of staying in shape after the wedding.

Scott has clearly learned a thing or two about being a good husband, judging from chapter titles such as "So, These Hand Towels are Merely Decorative and Never to Be Used, Right?

Internet dating is no longer considered a mysterious, shady endeavor; instead it is, in this day and age, an accepted and legitimate way to meet a mate.

But there are rules in this ether-world and a certain protocol to follow." Laughter is key, the author insists, and if you need an infusion of it into your relationship, this book is a good place to start.STRESS TESTNow if you really want to shed some light on those issues you've just made light of, John Gray's new book, Why Mars &andamp; Venus Collide: Improving Relationships by Understanding How Men and Women Cope Differently with Stress, is the next stop on the love train.So this year, put on that novelty tee that says "I'm with Cupid" (arrow pointing sideways), and fall in love—with a tall, dark and handsome book.This is a placeholder page installed by the Ubuntu release of the Lighttpd server package.Thankfully, there's Ben Karlin, who offers us Things I've Learned from Women Who've Dumped Me, an homage to failed relationships.

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