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Though they'll always be associated with the juvenilia of their breakout, it's actually been a long time since Sum 41 sounded or acted like those knuckleheads falling off a high dive.

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As you've gotten older, have you ever found being 'an adult' in conflict with the ethic of emo and pop-punk? The reason why, is that I feel like our style changed so much over our career.

I don't know if I ever really felt much attachment to that youth kiddie thing.

I never had to think about not having a father, to be honest.

But I thought, "Well, it's obviously coming from some deep subconscious place." So figured I'd record it and maybe I'd give it away or it'd be for something down the road, a different project.

Especially traveling, the whole tour of the last record, everywhere we went, every country kind of has their own version of division and hatred and chaos we have in America. It'll get better, it's just –– we're in that cycle right now. We've had songs that have been just as personal in the past. "Never There" touches on your relationship with your dad, who's not in your life. I read it back and I was confused, like, "I don't want to talk about this." I've never had much interest in the fact that I never met my father.

Everyone has their version of Trump –– it just seemed like it was different but the same everywhere we went and you couldn't get away from it. I tend to look at the world positively, but I can't ignore what's going on. The album is both more personal and political than the beginning of Sum 41's discography, which had a kind of jokester humor. Sometimes they get attention, sometimes they don't. My mom was a great single mother who I have amazing relationship with.It's not as if Sum 41 or pop-punk as a genre is apolitical.I don't really consider if music works in a genre, or if people have done it in the past. When I started writing, I was excited to dive in and be in my own world. That's how it always is: I just let stuff come out and whatever happens, happens. It was now 12 years ago, so the news has definitely passed, but there was a moment where it was everywhere for a second. Your older dude cousin pulls up Sum 41's "In Too Deep" music video on a large desktop computer, behind the closed door of any carpeted game room across suburban America.You're thirteen, watching Deryck Whibley, Steve Jocz, Dave Baksh and Jason Mc Caslin as spiky-haired and scrawny teenagers, storm a high school diving meet." I thought, "It's not very heavy, the rest of record is on the heavy side," and he was like, "This is one of the heaviest songs you've ever written, just in a completely different way." You're calling this your most aggressive album ever.

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