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Please email Jesse (email address above) your desire to do this half-day trip or not.

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Cheryl Miller, Centennial Forest Manager, NAU) Ecology AM: to Centennial Forest for fieldwork (Paul Sheppard et al.) Ecology early lunch: back at MPRS Archaeology & Ecology PM: Meet at Sunset Crater to discuss dating of the eruption and tornado effects (Paul Sheppard) Archaeology Southwest: Dating Sunset Crater Sheppard et al.: Tree-ring responses to a tornado at Sunset Crater Archaeology & Ecology PM: Reconvene at Wupatki (Ron Towner) Archaeology & Ecology PM: Dinner at the Kachina Downtown Restaurant in Flagstaff (click here to open a menu for Mexican fare and follow instructions therein) Ecology evening: Back at Merriam Powell: mount Monday's cores (Jesse Minor et al.) Lecture: Living with the star: search for abnormal sun in the past with C-14 in tree rings (Irina Panyushkina) Dee & Pope: Anchoring historical sequences with astro-chronological tie-points Miyake etal.: The 5480 BC Ecology early morning: Drive to Bull Basin Ecology mid morning: Pumpkin Fire commentary, no sampling (Don Falk) Ecology mid morning: Insect overview with Amanda Grady, USFS Forest Health Protection Ecology late morning: Begin sampling at forest insect site (Ann Lynch) Ecology early afternoon: Continue and finish sampling at forest insect site (Ann Lynch) Ecology mid afternoon: Drive back to Merriam Powell Ecology late afternoon: Mounting Tuesday's cores (Jesse Minor et al.) Ecology and Archaeology dinner: at Merriam Powell (The chili meal, plus salad, beverages & dessert) Ecology and Archaeology evening: Journal club: Merging dendroarchaeology and dendroecology.

For this, please read any article of your choosing from the Fall 2016 Archaeology Southwest Magazine, Volume 30, Number 4 (click here for a pdf, biggish at 16 megs), and be prepared to speak about it in order to initiate general discussion (Paul Sheppard et al.) Ecology morning: Grand Canyon Rowe Well Rd.

Our latest project is a complete investigation and rethinking of the historical development of the Officers' Club at the Presidio in San Francisco, California.

Our members of staff have dated buildings as diverse as Windsor Castle and Uncle Tom's Cabin (the Josiah Henson Site).

hillslope site (hillslope gradient sampling) (Paul Sheppard & Don Falk) Miller & Schaetz: Hillslope positions & ecological influence Ecology afternoon: Grand Canyon Desert View Rd.

site (demography and thinning sampling) (Paul Sheppard) Ecology PM: Dinner: pizza, etc., in Tusayan Ecology PM: Sunset at Grand Canyon (Yavapai Point this time), one of the Southwest's great spectacles Ecology late evening: Drive back to Flagstaff and Merriam Powell Optional: Drive tour up the Catalina Mountains to Mt.

Although we specialize in the tree-ring dating of standing buildings, we also provide dates for archaeological artifacts, boats, wooden panel paintings, and live trees.

We accept private and commercial commissions throughout the USA, the UK, continental Europe, and the Caribbean and publish a comprehensive report for every commission that is undertaken.

If you'd like a board print of either one of these to take home, board prints can be done at Walgreen's, and for 60% off if we order all at the same time.

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