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Running a product-oriented business requires the implementation of an efficient supply chain management system.

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And the only need of supply chain is to meet the needs of end customers.

If the retailers share point of sale (POS) data with other members of the whole supply chain, the members can respond to changes of the actual customers’ requirement quickly.

These actions need some information systems to support them.

Third, developing appropriate pricing strategies can encourage retailers to order small quantities and reduce the advanced purchasing behavior to reduce the bullwhip effect.

Bullwhip effect was first found by logistics executives of P&G.

When they studied a product of diaper, they found that although the demand of diapers remained constant, the orders increased significantly from retailers to suppliers. The reason why this happened is that when retailers made order to purchase diapers, they always gave a larger order than what they really needed in order to avoid some emergencies.Thus, traditional inventory management methods are not good solutions to this problem.Only by adopting innovative supply chain inventory management approach, can this problem be solved.The bullwhip effect is a term that was first coined by Logistics executives of Procter and Gambled as they observed the variability between distributors orders for one of their best selling products: Pampers and their order for its raw materials from the suppliers.The phenomenon shows the tendency of supply chains to amplify relatively small changes at the demand side of a supply chain such that the disruption at the supply end of the chain is much greater.Bullwhip effect will cause serious inventory excess if it is not well-controlled.

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