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The consultant may do other tests to check your eye health.

This could mean they use drops to dilate (open) your pupils, which can blur your vision for a few hours afterwards.

The biggest letters, on the top line, correspond to 60.

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Your visual acuity is measured by reading down an eye chart while wearing any glasses or contact lenses that you may need, so remember to bring them to your appointment.

The test for visual acuity is known as a Snellen test.

You may want to have someone with you to help you home after the appointment.

After the ophthalmologist has assessed your vision and your eyes, they will decide if you are eligible for your sight loss to be certified.

If your eye specialist tells you that you cannot be certified Your eye specialist might tell you that you cannot be certified at present.

This could be for one of three reasons: Whatever the reason, if you feel strongly that you should be certified then talk to your GP about referring you to a second specialist.

Usually this is a 6 (for 6 metres) but would be 3 if you were to sit closer to the chart (3 metres away).

The second number corresponds to the number of lines that you are able to read on the chart.

Someone with standard vision can read towards the bottom of the chart. For example, if the second line of the chart was marked as the 36 line, a person with standard vision (6 / 6) would be able to read this line on the chart when it was 36 metres away.

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