Definition accommodating conflict style

Employee conflict is a cause of concern for employers, leaders and project managers because it often leads to lost productivity and damaged morale.Project managers must learn to handle interpersonal conflict on their project teams.However, if accommodation is the only style a person utilizes, he or she is advised to learn more skills. The classic compromise in negotiating is to "split the difference" between two positions.

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For example, it's ok to avoid a conflict with a co-worker if you know you are going to quit your job soon.

Use this style carefully, and only if you are certain that you are not employing it as a way to escape an unavoidable conflict.

This style may be appropriate when one person has the power to make the decision and needs to do so quickly and decisively, however, competing is the most aggressive and uncooperative conflict resolution method.

This is a style of conflict resolution where each party gives-up part of their objectives.

This is a technique where a person involved simply avoids the conflict.

The person disengages without pursuing their own goals.

It may also be appropriate when you are being pressed to negotiate a peripheral issue and there is a much bigger - and more important - conflict looming.

An avoiding style should be used sparingly and only when something is going to change: you, the other person, or the situation.

The challenge of the collaborative conflict resolution is that it can be time consuming and it requires a high-level of trust between all parties.

Whereas collaborative conflict resolution can often be called a “” style.

As Markman, Stanley, and Blumberg (1996) conclude, "becoming more aware of the effects of your differing communication styles [in relationships] can go a long way toward preventing misunderstandings" (p.

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