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went through a creative and casting revamp at the end of Season 6 when a number of original cast members left, and also relocated from its longtime Sunday home to the lower-trafficked Friday night this season.

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Their search of his room turns up an unopened box of ABC railway guides, and the typewriter and fine paper used in A. C.'s letters, while the knife is discovered in the hallway outside his room where he dropped it. His motive was simple – Lady Clarke is slowly dying from cancer, and upon her death, Carmichael would probably marry his assistant.

Poirot doubts Cust's guilt because of his memory blackouts, and especially because he had a solid alibi for the Bexhill murder. Franklin feared a possible second marriage, as he wants all of his brother's wealth, so he chose to murder his brother while Lady Clarke was still alive.

we knew it was something incredibly special,” Dungey said in a statement today.

“For seven years, they have captivated us with their creativity and passion while reimagining some of our most beloved Disney fairytales, creating an undeniable global hit.

West, Gabrielle Anwar, Dania Ramirez, Alison Fernandez and Mekia Cox. ” But we never imagined the happy ending that was actually in store for all of us — years and years of adventure, romance, magic and hope.

We’re so grateful to our brilliant collaborators – the cast, crew, and writers — as well as our partners at the studio and network for making this journey possible.

Following a meeting with the third victim's widow, Lady Clarke, one key similarity between the murders is established – on the day of each murder, a man selling silk stockings has appeared at or near each crime scene. The police soon get a tip-off about the man linked to the murders – Alexander Bonaparte Cust, an epileptic travelling salesman, who suffers from memory blackouts and constant agonising headaches as the result of a head injury during the First World War.

Despite this information, Poirot has doubts about why the letters were sent to him, rather than the police or the newspapers, and why the third letter misspelled Poirot's address, causing a delay in his receipt of it. Cust flees his apartment, but collapses upon arriving at the Andover police station, where he is taken into custody.

Franklin laughs off Poirot's theory, but panics when he is told that his fingerprint has been found on Cust's typewriter key, and that Milly Higley, a co-worker of Betty Barnard, had seen him in her company.

Franklin attempts to commit suicide with his own gun, only to find that Poirot has emptied it with the help of a pickpocket.

Murders the third-person narrative is supposedly reconstructed by the first-person narrator of the story, Arthur Hastings.

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