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All those sending/transmitting sex/virus meassages, those defending them, those not acting should be grilled, whipped, chopped and then incinerated on India Gate.

Nehru ke shaasan mein hum har fasal ke baad ek ek boree anaaj ki SDM, tehsildar aur patwari ko bhejte the. The elected president should appoint council of ministers on merit in just the way university HOD's are appointed.

I can't expect any action to Crime Complaints within India. My complaint has International Ramifications - A Cybercriminal duping people in Every Country.

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The info has been malfidely smuggled to Sampark Portal - not at all for any bonafide disaster alerts and management..

MTNL Chief, Uninor Chief, Airtel Chief, Airtel Chief, Apollo Munich Chief, IRDA Chief, and Ravi Shankar Prasad should be grilled, whipped, chopped and then incinerated on India Gate.

In contrast, russian/chinese spam stopped on my first input to their government/embassy.

Indian telecom companies and royal families are pumping sex/virus spam across the globe.

INTERPOL PLEASE : 305 simultaneous identical emails received from International Blackmailer on 13 August 2018 - Now Fresh Email e Nom registered, with No Reply email [email protected] registered with SAME No Reply email [email protected] EMAILS - [email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected] :,, 18 18 : 305 Simultaneous Identical emails SENDER Email : My own multiple addresses 18 : [email protected] asking me to pay liability 21,112.96 28 July 2018 The Chairman Interpol France Subject : International Blackmailer claiming to be Police-immune in Ukraine - Facebook Group : https:// : International Blackmails' Bitcoin Connection Esteemed Sir I request you to accept this application direct because :- 1.

Unfortunately, present Goverment in my Country India converts every Crime Report into Ruling Party Residual Income.

type=3&comment_id=1081931851866503&reply_comment_id=1081933565199665¬if_t=photo_reply¬if_id=1459412741591122 PELSOFTLABS delivered 70 billion messages with no vendor registration (QUOTE FROM

100 such companies delivered 7 thousand billion messages, with no vendor registration.

For sample shop, just visit your nearest market and look for Kapil Sibal's signboard - INTERNET SE DHAN KAMAAYEN Apart from Sancharnet, Tata, Reliance, Airtel, Hathway having royal families on their payroll, I have provided name, address, contact number of three indian individuals sending sex/virus emails.

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