More than 8 million will participate A study by the firm Datingcorp revealed that 8.8 million Venezuelans are willing to participate in the popular consultation next Sunday convened by the National Assembly.


The first vice-president of the AN, Freddy Guevara, announced that for today a night march for the fallen, at pm, in Plaza Altamira.

He will leave from the place where Juan Pernalete was murdered until where Neomar Lander died.

Although MEP Miguel Pizarro said in a meeting of citizens held in Palo Verde last Wednesday that voters could only pay in the same sector in which they usually vote, MUD clarified that they could vote at any of the sovereign points without Import the state or municipality in which you reside.

Regarding the participation of Venezuelans residing abroad, Ferrer indicated that up to now they have 430 cities Confirmed that they will be distributed in 70 countries in which will be enabled 505 sovereign points.

Foreigners may participate if they live in the country legally.

The only requirement to pay will be the identity card or the passport even if they are past due. There will be 2023 sovereign points in which citizens will be able to exercise their right to vote.In cities like Miami (United States) and Barcelona (Spain), the coalition evaluates the possibility of enabling new centers.The reception of the requirements for the activation of these spaces will be until today. The horseshoe will emulate the one that has traditionally been used in the electoral processes, but will be reduced to four seasons: in the first, the citizen hands his identity card to the table member; In the second, receives the ballot and answers the questions; In latercera, deposited the vote in an urn, and in the last station signs the book of records that records that participated in the popular consultation.On Friday he called all citizens to the organization at the sovereign points and prepare for zero hour.Saturday will also be mobilizations for neighborhoods and villages to encourage participation.González informed that the electoral material has already been transferred to the states and in the next few days will be distributed to the sovereign points.

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