List of sexchat online sites - Dating while having cancer

So if she doesn't want to feel alone, she can join the many, many support groups and services offered for cancer patients and survivors.i also think it wasn't fair of this woman you are dating to wait until you'd dated 6 weeks before telling you.And perhaps you could stay instead in the role of a good friend rather than a romance, where you can be there for her, but are not responsible to be there in a constantly by her side role.

But I have no idea if I am strong enough to deal with things as they come.

I also don't know if I am the best man to support her and make her dreams come true, but I suppose that is for her to decide. Is there anyone out there who has dated someone with cancer or has cancer and has been dating? Is there any room to be doubting myself if I get into this type of relationship? Sometimes seemingly impossible cases go into remission, and other seemingly curable cases turn deadly.

However she has survived longer than normal, she is coping well with the treatment it seems.

I know she is receiving top-notch care, and they say cancer is no longer the death sentence it use to be.

But if you have an exceptionally strong feeling for her, it may be very well worth being with her, regardless of circumstances.

So i would very seriously think about whether you are up for dealing with a long term/serious illness before deciding, since it is better to go now than wait and go if she gets much sicker or terminal.

I cannot be indecisive or wishy-washy about my commitment to her if I decide to make that commitment. I also feel that if we do get into a relationship, and I am unhappy with some part of it down the line (other than the illness), that I will stay in the relationship out of guilt of abandoning her.

I feel I have much more to consider than my own feelings and happiness.

I really don't know what I might be getting myself into.

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