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The distinctive dynamics of dating abuse along with harmful social norms (such as the notion that what happens in a relationship is no one else’s business) make it one of the most overlooked forms of violence. Awareness building has been an important tool for helping communities to recognize dating abuse and its harms.

Communities across the state and country continue to promote February as Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month (TDVAPM) to elevate stakeholders’ understanding of the issues and solutions, increase support for prevention initiatives, and plant seeds for future efforts.

For example, the Los Angeles Unified School District passed a landmark teen dating violence policy in 2011 that had been in the works for a decade.

2) The school environment continues to be recognized as an ideal and important environment for addressing dating abuse.

Schools have a unique role to play in addressing warning signs among students before behaviors escalate, protecting the safety of targeted students, and helping to ensure a positive school climate and safe learning environment for everyone.

The school environment is shaped by influencers of that environment, including teachers, coaches, counselors, administrators, healthcare providers, as well as, of course, peers, parents and other caring adults.

Within the school environment, influencers can make the desired behavior desirable, reinforce and reward the desired behavior, redirect the undesired behavior early on, harness peer pressure through popular opinion leaders, and so on.

Young people need supportive environments (in addition to messages).

And while young people can and should be active participants in shaping community environments, adults have greater ability and responsibility for creating those environments.

6) Finally, we are also seeing a growing trend of greater engagement among prevention advocates, including young prevention advocates, in the policy advocacy process.

More and more local domestic violence agencies and partners are engaging youth as advocates (as well as peer educators) who organize among peers, within their schools, and in the broader community.

Our progress is in part due to these ongoing awareness efforts over many years.

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