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Here is a Jules Smith necklace that we have on sale that has a lobster clasp.

One of the more popular clasps, spring-loaded clasp are used with a chain tab to complete a clasp.

However, if there are no markings on a piece, then we must turn to other methods of dating.

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It comes in a variety of styles (some even have rhinestones in it), sizes, and shapes that will surely suit your needs.

Our designer Dafne is known for her signature magnetic clasps.

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There are several types of clasps that were used on brooches from very early days right up to contemporary pieces.

Some general styles are T bar pins, C clasps, C clasps with extended pins, Locking C clasps, Trombone clasps.

This style of clasp uses this push pull method of closing. The clasp was mainly used by European designers and can be found on more modern pins up to the mid 20th century.

The early C clasp continued to be very popular and was used on jewelry up until the early 1900s when the safety catch was invented .

It has a hinged clasp that folds and locks with a snap.

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