Dating too often

The article says this: “It’s a trend we’ve coined ‘premature escalation’…since our whole world is so instant now, people can craft entire personas through their slew of texts…

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You should also ring up your doc if you feel pain while peeing or if you see blood in your urine.

Both of those symptoms can be signs of a bacterial infection of the urinary tract, or even something more serious, like bladder cancer. Your primary care doctor will do a simple blood test to check for any underlying medical conditions—like diabetes—as well a urine culture, which can rule out any infections.

Feeling anxious or uneasy can also spark that gotta-go feeling, even if you just peed a little while ago.

“Some people when they’re stressed have a nervous stomach or nervous bladder,” says Dr. Focusing on something else to distract your mind from that feeling can help the urge pass.

(But even if you aren’t quite reaching that number, anything different from your normal routine can indicate a problem, too.) Answering nature’s call 2 to 3 times a night can also be a red flag, since most people can get a regular night’s rest without having to use the bathroom at all, he says.

When your bladder fills up with urine, nerve signals tell your brain you need to take a leak.

Docs aren’t sure what exactly causes an overactive bladder, but as you get older, your risk increases.

Other potential culprits include diabetes, urinary tract infections, and an enlarged prostate.

Using calming breathing techniques can be effective, too.

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