Dating tony vaughn

Neither was happy and both felt used by their respective ex-mates.

Thursday Melinda had not shared her heartache with her girlfriends, Erica and Janet.

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She didn't know what had overcome her boyfriend but she loved it, though her ass would be sore for three days, afterward.

That night, after Melinda edited the video, Tony and Tammy received their emails.

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Melinda was surprised to find out that Janet had kicked her husband to the curb!

She found it hard to believe that Janet had garnered up enough nerve to actually get rid of her heroin-addicted older husband. I am so tired of being emotionally abused and neglected by the jerks I've dated.

Melinda arrived home that night to find several threatening messages from Tony. Putting him out on 'front street' had really pissed him off!

She wondered how long he was going to stay that way.

"Well, is your family living your life or are you, Melinda?! Melinda sat at the table staring at the two women she thought she knew well.

Does your family approve of you dating wealthy cheaters who give you absolutely no respect? She was finding out that she knew only parts of them.

Janet wouldn't give up a name but she did tell Melinda that he was very intelligent, gentle, kind and Black! The Black men that I've met all seem to fit the same category, street thugs. I would think after the way the last few relationships you've been in have gone, that you would be more open-minded than that! What I'm saying is you might want to think about stop limiting yourself to a select group of men because obviously it's not working.

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