Dating tips in small towns

The houses in Ærøskøbing look like something from a storybook – they seem too cute to be real, and you could waste hours wandering around and admiring their carefully decorated doors and windows.

A genuine must-visit if you’re in the South Funen archipelago, Ærøskøbing might just be the most postcard-perfect town in Denmark.

Oh, man, is that your younger brother's best friend? The guy who's funny and charming and has a nice job now? You're having a hard time reconciling your most recent crush since you heard he slept with Becky Appleman, and she's been your mortal enemy ever since she put gum in your hair in third grade. Half of the dating pool is already out because you're all friends. You already went on a few dates with him and he's an asshole.

He's the same dude who stole a bottle of your parents' wine and vomited in a vase when he was 17. The "walk of shame" means walking past all your old teachers and coworkers while they're on their way to church. It's a small, close-knit community, and you see some of these people as brothers and sisters. There's no such thing as a "blind date." That cute gym teacher your friend wants to set you up with? At least you pieced together who it was beforehand and not when you showed up for dinner.

Just a (12km) stone’s throw from central Copenhagen, the town of Dragør is surprisingly idyllic, despite having the capital’s busy airport as its neighbour.

It’s located on the southern coast of the island of Amager (connected by a bridge) and just like Skagen (see above), its old town is dominated by yellow houses with red roofs.

Over time, Dragør has merged with neighbouring Store Magleby, and together the two towns make an excellent day trip from the capital.

You can find more ideas for day trips from Copenhagen in this guide.

As Denmark’s northernmost town, Skagen tops not only mainland Jutland but also many locals’ list of where to spend their summer holidays.

The charming coastal town of yellow houses (it even has its own colour, ‘Skagen yellow’) is surrounded by stunning beaches and is the gateway to Grenen (The Branch) – the very tip of Jutland, where two seas clash into one another, frothing around as they hit the sand and creating a bit of a tourist attraction.

But it’s a different story when it comes to the country’s lesser-known towns.

In fact, the list of small Danish towns with charm and character seems almost as long as the coastline itself.

Dubbed ‘the town of roses’, Mariager is a charming place that sits on the edge of the fjord with the same name (it’s the longest one in Denmark).

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