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All of the guys I talked to about the second date said that if they were going to continue to see the lady, they would like to see a kiss at the end of the night.Don't do anything you're not comfortable with, but if you like the guy, a goodnight kiss is a nice way to end an evening.

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If you went for drinks the first time, commit to dinner for the second.

As one single guy pal pointed out, "It can't be the first date all over again." Taking it up a notch doesn't mean you have to go into overdrive – no respectful gentleman will assume you're going to have sex, for example – but some light escalation is delightful.

The second date is just the process of rounding the bases.

Just keep your eyes on the prize, follow our simple tips and repeat some of the stuff that you did on the last date and you should be good to go.

Going on a great second date isn’t much different from going on a great first date, but there are a few second date tips that you should pay attention to if you want to make things really memorable.

Relax: She Already Likes You The number one thing that we would recommend out of our second date tips is to relax. Think of the first date as hitting the ball out of the park.

He's interested in getting to know you, the real you.

So be straightforward enough to share from the heart.

Start with one activity, then move on to another and then another.

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