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Tank climbed the cage to fight professional boxer Sam Adkins in the first round, an affair he ended quickly by forearm choke against the cage wall.

This tournament venture was cut short, however, by Scott Ferrozzo, a contender from Don Frye's entourage who was billed as a "pitfighter" like Abbott himself.

Abbott beat the customer severely, and the customer, who turned out to be a son of a detective, pressed charges for assault.

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He then attended Cal State University-Long Beach where he graduated with a degree in History.

During this time he was trained in boxing by Noe Cruz who also trained world champion boxer Carlos Palomino at the Westminster Boxing Gym.

After returning to the cage in midst of strong cheers, Abbott knocked out Varelans by ground and pound and knee strikes, all while smiling openly to his opponent.

Just as described, the match saw Abbott blocking Taktarov's artful grappling attempts and damaging him in turn with hard punches and uppercuts.

He actively cultivated the tough character he had been given, firstly by giving a rude interview in which he derided martial arts and then by knocking out the Hawaiian Kapu Kuialua fighter John Matua, who weighed 400 lb, in the first 18 seconds of his opening fight.

Abbott advanced to the next round and was pitted against a similarly heavier adversary, Paul Varelans.

Although Jennum proved capable of avoiding Tank's strikes, Abbott submitted him with an improvised neck crank.

However, his next opponent was Dan Severn, UFC 5 champion and a much more decorated freestyle wrestler than Abbott himself.

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Abbott began practicing amateur wrestling when he was nine years old, and continued through high school where he also played football.

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