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For those who might not know, Smule's slogan is "Let's make music together." People can sing live, post their recordings or do duets.

Some videos have nearly 30,000 views, like one users rendition of Le Ann Rimes' "Can't Fight the Moonlight."The app is free unless users want unlimited access to songs and no ads. I kinda feel like it would be wrong for us to say to her say daddy and force her," he said. I didn't have a dad to read me bedtime stories."Jon met his father, they said hello, talked about their jobs quickly and that was the end of their conversation. "I don't think the title matters." He continued: "It's never going to be a secret that I came into your life later and by teaching her that word it's almost teaching her something that we'll have to explain to her later…

Even the fact that I've done this twice does not make me an expert, because if I do it five times, I'm going to have five different results.

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Manhunt VIP includes unlimited profile views, view full-sized profile photos, unlimited buddies, unlimited blocks, saved searches.

"Rebecca has three kids and three failed marriages, including one to a Moroccan man she brought to America on a spouse visa, but she’s ready to try again.

She met Zied online and fell in love, despite the concerns of her friends and family that she’s making the same mistakes over again," the show explained.

Fox News: If your relationship with a man from another country didn't work out before, why do it again?

Rebecca: I did have some serious reservations and I talked it over with my kids to make sure they weren't going to disown me if I tried to do that.

, one of the participants said they used an international karaoke app and found love while they were singing. Jon Walters, 34, and Rachel Bear, 33, met after they signed on the to Smule and virtually sang a song together.

While they were getting to know each other, Rachel became pregnant with another man's baby, but, as we know, Jon stuck around.

But if you're smart about it and patient, I think there can be some very big rewards at the end. Although it does affect my children to some degree -- my children are grown.

Rebecca: I've been hearing that for a long time because of my previous relationships. Fox News: What was the most difficult part about going to another country? Anytime you meet somebody that you've met online in person for the first time you get nervous. I just want to make sure [the family] likes me and that they're not disappointed.

Meanwhile, Timothy was instantly attracted to Jennifer's online profile and "now, he’s traveling to Colombia to meet her in person for the first time and plans to propose.

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